Thursday, November 10, 2011

On being a friend...

Recently, one zinger of a discussion about the definition of “a friend”. It was pointed out that, from one person’s point of view, that I use the adjective “friend” perhaps too casually…
We all know the clear difference between the feeling of “friend” or “acquaintance” – or additionally “colleague”. How does it feel to a person being introduced, as an example, as “this is my friend June” compared to “this is my acquaintance June” or “this is a business colleague June”? To me, the interpretation is tangible – perhaps it would be most lenient and appropriate to just say “I’d like you to meet June”, or “I’d like to introduce you to June” – without adjectives that categorize.

Adjectives are, hopefully, a wisely selected description.. A “bosom pal” is truly out of fashion, but the connotation is there of a deep, fulfilling relationship with that special someone.  Some partners feel that their “other half” is more than a friend, perhaps a “best friend” – other couples value and hold close the special feeling that they hold their partner in such esteem and affection that the other is a “cherished companion”.

The process of “being a friend” to someone is ongoing … we’ve all heard of people that come into our lives for “a reason, or a season” – while others are long-lasting relationships that survive the ups and downs of both people. I have been truly delinquent in caressing and fostering friendships – and am piercingly aware of my shortfall. If my best friend dies tomorrow, unless I post this to her sooner, the depth of my affection, regard, and dependence on those reciprocated  feelings will  not be so fresh that she could almost reach out and touch them.

National Friendship Day ( having been declared in 1935 by the U.S. Congress as the 1st Sunday in August) has passed – but my beloved companion and a true friend – who just happens to be my husband -has jolted me into awareness and action. Time for a reminder… not only to my bosom pal but to others whom I hold near and dear to my heart, but perhaps haven’t actually said the words aloud.

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