Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ooh La La...

Here it is November – some say the greyest and most gloomy of all months.
Last year at this time holiday plans were in the making, not to our favourite destination, but at least somewhere warm.

I’ve always admired some of the fashionable attire that colleagues bring back from their Winter travels – not so much the styles but brighter, more impactful colours;  and sometimes weighed down with  more bling than one would see at any festival!

I myself am a jewellery hound – a trait which I must surely have inherited from my ostentatious grandmother; resulting in much head shaking and tongue wagging on the part of my immediate family who are more conservative. So imagine my absolute glee when my sister and I came upon a shoppe named Ooh-La-La, and better still, within walking distance of where we stayed.

Wrought iron benches and lush potted palms adorned the front entry patio – and gentlemen sat there glumly – backs to the store, awaiting the worst. Visa-City here we come!! Grandmas and their daughters solemnly coached younger girls in the niceties of layering bling so that everyone shook, rattled and rolled as they moved along. Velvet-covered trays, one for each customer, were a lovely touch too – how pretty and dazzling all the baubles were when piled thereon!

A colleague has just e-mailed that she has already picked up some goodies for me – she’s a beautiful woman who doesn’t need bling to dazzle, but nonetheless does like a little extra adornment now and then. Ooh-la-la …I can hardly wait till Spring when she returns!

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