Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scratching an itch...

I’ve been troubled for a few months now by the consequences of “dead end” relationships . The fate of young, or not- so-young  lovers who think they’ve got the world by the proverbial tail can be  a slippery downward skid; usually to the chagrin of family members who have been there, done that – possibly more than once - and for naught. 

It’s an undeniable truth that no-one can give advice, solicited or not – it just doesn’t make sense to even try, and there are no gains or brownie points to be accomplished. Everyone has to make their own way and learn, hopefully from youthful errors of their ways. The clincher here is that the “Old Ones” in the teepee have already learned their life’s lessons and hopefully are the better for it.  Myself included.

Yesterday I was at a ladies’ house party, in celebration of a colleague who has, since becoming a single mother, three years ago accomplished immeasurable strides. One of the guests – a married woman - commented that in her younger years, she never anticipated she would have to work so hard, now in her middle-age years, to just keep her head above water.

Sad but too true, even with a long term and loving partner, women are ultimately responsible for their own financial well-being. Who will tend your fire when it burns low?  Give your heads a shake you young sweet peas – when youth betrays you and your looks wither on the vine the one who will ultimately save you is you yourself!

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