Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fossil Fuels...

My grandfather was a self-taught blue collar working man – who learned to read and write so that he could improve his lot in life, marry and support a family. When fellow workers would see “Old Steve” reading some printed material they too wanted to learn how.

Over several years of study, combined with work history, my Grandfather eventually became a Stationery Engineer; and was the first person to receive a retirement pension from the city where he lived.

Being a fireman, whether on the railway, in a coal burning factory, or perhaps a electrical generating station was not just a simple matter of shoveling more coal in the boiler. Think of the famous ship Titanic which had 29 boilers – each containing 3 furnaces…. collaboration and communication were essential to keep everything working in synch.

Times have since changed, but regardless of which methods we use, the essentials are always the underlying foundation of achievement. Individual thoughts, imagination and an enterprising spirit are often squelched in favour of “newer” or “more modern” theories.

Good intentions, purpose and focus on accomplishing what one sets their mind to do are three fossil requirements in use every day – keep stoking the fires of inspiration!

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