Thursday, February 23, 2012

Playing Poker...

When you pull up a chair and wait for the cards to be dealt, everyone feels anticipation! Once the cards are in your hand there’s no turning back. And so it goes with other games of chance – winning or losing is purely the luck of the draw.

I’ve been observing a couple whose commitment to their marriage is unflinching, and over the years they’ve  always played out the hand they’ve been dealt with attentiveness and awareness. It’s a second-time-around for both partners…so treasured and sweet.  The husband recently commented to his son – “your Mother had the best of me, Louise has the short straw”.  

Landmark achievements mark everyone’s life – every accomplishment that strengthens a person and makes them more capable is a testament to their character. This could apply to youth, anyone in the workforce, and other circumstances that can make or break one’s ambition to make things better.

Last evening, in a grocery store lineup, I met a former colleague from work days at the hospital many years ago.  Janice’s career reminded me of the old Virginia Slims advertising slogan, “you’ve come a long way, baby”!  She too has a friend whose partner is suffering with Alzheimer disease, and her comment to her friend was that “the hardest part is getting there”.

My own friend’s husband is “getting there”….to that inevitable place where his cognitive awareness and motor skills will be diminished to a level where he will feel less anxious, no longer frustrated, and in actuality – have the peace of dreamland.  And for my friend, forever faithful, she will find peace in knowing they played out the hands they were dealt…no piles of chips at their place, and no accumulation of winnings…but nonetheless Winners.

  It’s always the luck of the draw.

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