Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's Your Rank...

Times of advent are not just at Christmas – every year is a fascinating one of of blended families, new acquisitions of spouses replacing others for whatever reasons, or simply life changes.

Interestingly, in my husband’s family, there were “little ones” born who are now “big ones” in university studies - or close to that time of metamorphoses into adulthood. Of eight grandchildren born of immediate family, plus two special acquired additions through marriage,  the cherished offspring now represent a baseball team plus one.

Of this wonderful group, most of whom have grown up with  “Poppa”/”Grumpa” as their own patriarch, there has been no Grandma/Nana identifiable on that side of the family, to six of the children born.
The parents of two most recent additions to the family, and their step-sisters, did bestow on “Poppa/Grumpa’s” wife  the identifier of “Nana”.

Birthday cards, Christmas gifts, and other remembrances are always duly signed by the Patriarch and “so-and-so”.  Which leaves me to wondering….On such school occasions as Grandparents’ Day in September,  is the non-existence of a Matriarch an intangible? 

As these young people mature into adulthood and grow to wondrous accomplishments, will the absence of an identifiable Grandma/Nana be at all pertinent?

In a military career, one’s significance is measured by one’s rank – having  made the grade and been promoted on up the ladder is a measure of the person’s merit.  And while it is so true that not everyone can be a leader, those persons of lower rank should not be dismissed with a wave of the hand, or on a whim, as being inferior or insignificant.

Clearly recognizing the schism and gifting to me the distinguished  rank of “Nana”.   was and is a true privilege and Honourable Mention!

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