Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quidditch anyone...

Several years ago, when the Harry Potter books and movies were all so popular, many parents and adults were very nearly as enthusiastic as the target audience.
We read so that we would “be in the know” and able to carry on a quasi-intelligent conversation if needs be.

Movie-goers everywhere thrilled to the graphics and animations – from wands to witches to muggles’ Quidditch on broomsticks, where the ultimate was to be a “Seeker”.

When a beautiful Honda Pilot, painted gold metallic, replaced a van style, it was perfect for my real estate needs. And also, it is the most beautiful vehicle I have owned. One year, for Christmas, a girlfriend gave me a license-plate frame which would be personalized by inserting letters into the frame. Thus, the Golden Snitch was named.

Months later, when perusing a costume catalogue online, I came across a representation of that ever-elusive golden globe with whirring wings. It now hangs in my car off the rear-view mirror. Children and grandparents recognize it immediately; parents smile when I explain the mindset of always striving to reach the unreachable. The symbolism is not lost on anyone.

Feel the magic when you fly too!

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