Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pick up the phone...

In this day and age of accelerated pace and crunching timelines, it’s sometimes too easy to put off until tomorrow what should be done today – or worse still, what should have been done long before this.

Businesspeople make valiant efforts to combine their careers with home, sometimes children or other family members, and recreation. Young up-and-comers and established career people pride themselves in appearance, being admired, being “with it” and being committed to activities which often command too much time, large expense, and sometimes not much return on the investment. Two steps forward and one step back often leaves us wondering if we’re doing everything alright. 

Baby boomers have experienced more changes in their lifetime thus far than other generations; and acquiring technological skills to be in the swim is exciting and intense. Our parents and grandparents though just don’t get it – “what’s all the rush and fuss about? Never time for anything, hurry-hurry-hurry. And no time for me.”  Sometimes after-school and weekend  sports activities gobble up moments that aren’t so precious after all. It’s all a matter of priorities.

If, like many of us, you know deep down inside that you’ve made a judgment error in not keeping in touch with a relative you care about, please pick up the phone now and then. Now would be better. That person may be feeling sad and sadder as the days pass and not a word from you – it’s hard to imagine though when you’re young and vital.

If  “out of sight, out of mind is your bag, so be it”… but call today, it may well be that you’ve not been absent from their mind. Keep the connection alive, try to see the situation from someone else’s point of view….you’ll be glad you made the effort even if you do get a well-deserved earful.

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