Thursday, May 17, 2012


When I was very young there was a campfire song that my friends and I would sing as we walked along the railway tracks near home. It started with “I’ve got a home in Gloryland that outshines the sun….” which I’ve since learned was made famous by the late Johnny Cash.

Every routine that we do daily, or even less frequently, may feel like a dreary habit at times. Like grocery shopping, laundry, taking out garbage, etc … 
In inclement weather even walking the dog seems a chore!

Most people’s lives seem to be chasing the clock and racing to get everything done On Time! Sometimes, in fact more often than not, we strive to achieve what simply cannot be accomplished; and the current expression of  24/7 doesn’t leave a second for one’s person to catch a breath!

A very admirable woman with whom I am acquainted recently mentioned that the location where she lives, has no TV, no internet, no cellphone – it is just a small house she cherishes as Home. When the sun shines weakly in Winter, there are a few precious moments when it floods a swingchair in her living room – and she tries valiantly to grasp that short opportunity and basks in the rays on weekends.

Her four very favourite articles in the world are good wine, good cheese, good coffee and a good book!

Last week, in conversation, I marvelled at her resilience and independence in middle age and living alone. The vocation she has embraced is demanding, she offers many things to many people – including education on particular subjects which involved a significant amount of local travel and public speaking; as well as counselling to help clients move forward.

One of the most thought provoking and soul-searing comments from this lady was that “even the most mundane is close to glory”…In this fast and furious world how seldom do we even stop to sniff the spring air, watch twittering birds, snuggle under a ratty-tatty afghan to catch forty-winks, or sit on a park bench and just observe.

We all live in “Gloryland” if we’d just pause and reflect!

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