Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tugging Mom...

A good friend of mine has been a REALTOR® for over twenty years, and at this point in her life her children, while still in elementary school, are grown enough that she can see her way to the future and increasing her business again.

It’s tough sledding – Mom’s taxi service is a feat of endurance that can be observed from the very early hours of the morning heading out to hockey or swimming practices or beating the highway homeward with the athlete in the back seat fast asleep!

The many other routine duties that most Mom’s perform result in a long list that requires agility and stamina to accomplish. Whatever the woman’s occupation may be outside of the home, all Moms are faced with decision making that sometimes tears at their heartstrings and creates an internal sinister and simmering probability that they’re a “bad Mom” if their response is the least popular.

Two decades ago many husbands who became fathers did not participate in any tasks they had not previously been responsible for. Changing a diaper was an absolute and emphatic “No!” – and pushing the baby buggy was nearly as distasteful. Nowadays it seems nearly the reverse – and yet, manipulative tactics still exist.

Observing the travails of my friend in balancing responsibilities and work I today wish I had a hank of rope to noose around her partner’s thick neck! My father always knotted his necktie with a Double Windsor style configuration – I’m sure I can remember the how-to!

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