Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rabid encounters of the worst kind….

The days of mid-August are often referred to as the dog days of Summer.
I’ve heard that, historically, crimes of passion increase when the weather is hot and tempers are short. Highways are clogged, the parking lot at the liquor and beer stores are packed tight, and lineups at the grocery store checkouts can feel tedious.

Local citizens of any cottage-country community are well aware of the seasonal influx to towns, villages and hamlet destinations – store owners anticipate exchanging coin for goods and folding money to see them through a lean Winter and business practices include happily greeting visitors whenever the door swings open!

It’s important to realize that time is valuable to everyone, streaming up the highways bumper-to-bumper can be hair-raising; by easing up just a little people will be more likely to reach their destination! Clerks at the till ringing through customers’ purchases are seldom harried by the volume – they are doing their very best - and undeserving of being hassled by those in line. When the weather’s hot, everyone feels sticky, and there’s no time to waste!

Everyone should try hard not to bare their gums and growl at one another….
it’s unnerving and onlookers feel helpless when tempers rise. Those unforgettable incidents are rabid encounters of the worst kind!

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