Thursday, December 6, 2012

Simply Thunderful...

Over the past twenty-five years, more or less, there has been a proliferation of musical Nature Recordings which appeal to many listeners. Here in Canada, one of the pioneers was the late Dan Gibson who founded and produced the famous Solitudes Series which I believe numbered a staggering 157 CD’s in total.

Many other New Age Music artists are  renowned – offering  innumerable themes and instrumental combinations. I am an avid music lover of many styles, and seem to have trended from one type to another as years come and go. In the days of yore before the advent of CD’s, cassette recordings were the norm.

In the autumn of 2012, I remembered to take along one cherished cassette which has not been played very often; reason being that I’m supposed to save it for a certain someone’s Celebration of Life service - and it feels irreplaceable! Wending our way home along backrounds and sideroads, it seemed a perfect time to snap the tape into the dashboard player. I nearly held my breath in apprehension that it wouldn’t play; then anticipation as the sounds became audible.

The stirring, exhilarating, and very contagious Thunderdrums by Scott Fitzgerald very nearly made the windows shudder as I cranked up the volume. The effects were simply thunderful!

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