Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing...

Every once in awhile, regardless of how discerning we think we may be, someone else’s unexpected action or response may come as a real surprise! At such times the most natural thing to do is react…but isn’t there more to think about?

In this hectic and unrelenting world, where the buzzword is “24/7”, most people are running at full tilt. How other people cope with their stretched timelines and too many irons in the fire may be quite different than the way we personally might manage ourselves.

For myself, I prefer to refrain from reacting too quickly – and try to evaluate the motivation, even an underlying reason, that may have prompted a remark or comment that feels unsettling. There is, to me at least, a distinct difference between responding in a conservative manner rather than  behave as an antagonist. Some people like to argue or otherwise stir up the dust in the blink of an eye; others choose to fight the battles they can win and may be mistakenly perceived as a peacemaker. 

The old adage “a wise man forces his way with gentleness”  reflects the merit of civil discussion, a clear understanding of what’s being said, and a response rather than a reaction. You might ruminate aloud, with words so sensible, that  perpetrator  will slink away, confounded, if you’re the target of ambush by a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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