Thursday, January 10, 2013

Belated Birthday Wishes...

On the eve of a new year, I’m filled with reflection, introspection and a measure of hopefulness. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a good shake and clear any foggy notions – sort of  eradicating any shadowy thoughts that may be lurking in an unswept corner of our consciousness.

So many trivial thoughts! And lists in the making of “things to do/things to change/things to put aside/complications to ease or even let go. One of the most precious treasures a person will ever have is good health. Psychologically as well as physically, being on the right side of the grass is always a good thing – how solidly our feet may be planted merits discussion!

Many people are toiling under clouds of despair and even hopelessness – keeping their sunny side up is infrequent and takes a lot of effort! We have only to observe others to realize that we aren’t as badly off as we might sometimes think. Even a good walk and change of scene is uplifting when we feel troubled – my little Buddy walks like a  trooper !

I want to charge ahead into my next year with refined and achievable goals,  to dig deeper for compassion and understanding when my patience feels thin, to do my best, and of course to come through with shining colours!

Tomorrow will bring cards from several loved ones, perhaps a telephone call or two, and  renewed vigour. By today clearing my closet of unnecessaries and re-examining those little rooms in my mind stacked too full of stuff I will be able to make a clean sweep of it all.

This birthday comes with a push broom to keep my path clear – Happy Birthday to Me!

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