Thursday, January 3, 2013

Across the Miles…..

When we stand in front of a varying array of greeting cards, our eye may be caught by a specific section where the opening lines are “Across the miles….”
Consumers who select a card from this particular selection recognizably have distinct reasons.

Proximity in miles, kilometers or time zones may well be the  basis of the appropriate title; however, it seems that there may be emotional or other significant reasons why a person may feel a distinct widening of and away from communication with other family members.

An aging parent may have a second spouse or other caregiver who may be a subconscious excuse on the part of adult children to widen the “gap” of closeness which may have existed in previous years.

The feeling of “nothing in common” anymore might come to mind, or a suppressed but undeniable sense of gratitude to the caregiver or newer spouse for relieving the family members from responsibilities of a parent who may be afflicted with one of the many diagnosed dementias.

Whenever emotional bonds exist between distant or distinct family members, and whether or not proximity is a circumstance, a hard effort must be made to try and keep the lines of communication open. It is failure to try harder that contributes to the breakdown.

In 2009, the AT&T telephone network in the United states developed a television commercial which encouraged everyone to “reach out and touch someone, they’re waiting to hear from you”.  The message stands the test of time, from its originator Marshall McLuhan through 2009 until today.

When the lines of communication are ebbing and concern grows for the “why” – pick up the phone and clear the lines of communication again. Whatever the message, it will be loud and clear.

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