Thursday, February 14, 2013

Snow on the roof, fire in the hearth….

Local newspapers are galore this week with red and white splashy ads featuring Valentine’s Day menu specials. A delectable assortment of dinner choices fit for a king/queen, prince or princess! Florists’ coolers are crammed with baby’s breath, asparagus fern and all manner of flowers – cello-wrapped with red and white ribbons for eyelash-fluttering soon-to-swoon recipients.

My husband’s young grandson has visited the jeweller with a ring in mind for his lucky lady – it will be all shiny and sparkly like their excitement! Hopeful hearts are all a-twitter; lingerie stores stayed open late for last-minute shoppers with a gleam in their eye; and plenty of manicures and pedicures buffed to perfection.

For the “not-so-frantic” whose relationships are still sweet but not gaga, there’s still lots to celebrate. Fishnet hosiery doesn’t wear well with arctic-performance boots and snow pants when we’re walking the dog; nor do miniskirts when the temperatures are plenty-minus and there’s a lake-effect snowstorm aimed straight at Muskoka!

Tonight, after a gala supper at A&W with a decadent order of onion rings on the side,
Hubby and I are celebrating on our screened in porch, in our snowmobile suits and boots, with a bottle of bubbly and a candle! It’s always fun to be innovative and change routines up even just a little bit. Then down to the recroom to share the annual viewing of a now-grainy VHS movie of our wedding. Predictable yes, but part of the celebration.
I just read all the mushy stuff in the Toronto Star's lovey-dovey section; the main takeaway today is that if we've got love cherish what we have. If loving memories are held close instead, savor them again. For long-time wearers, the rose coloured glasses may have blurred– but on a wintery night the flame still glows.

Snow on the roof, fire in the hearth.

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