Thursday, February 21, 2013

String Games...

Most of us remember childhood string games such as Cat’s Cradle, corking, finger knitting, simple macramé, etc.. Learning to tie knots was always intriguing – and memorable….Everyone can probably bring to mind both a reef knot vs. a “granny” knot, not easily undone.

It has struck me today that one string game that is never-ending, sometimes frustrating, and isn’t actually a game at all; let’s call it “heart strings”. Valentine’s Day has passed, resulting sometimes in tears on the pillow, wilting flowers (or none at all), and may include plenty of reality checks and soul-searching!

Nearly every day in city newspapers, television newscasts and social media sites  appear tidbits about “who the new squeeze is” for celebrities…and closer to home, whispers of innuendo about others who we may know personally surface. Maybe the only hint is a wistful look in someone’s eye and glimpsing a dreamy half-smile. In the bleak mid-Winter, some people think the grass is greener on the other side of marriage.

Trying to rekindle a flame that’s become low requires mutual intention, attention and patience. Being thorough in one’s analysis of the whole picture takes courage and fair-minded consideration. Unless there has been an incident or repeats thereof simply too catastrophic to overlook, maybe just a little puff of air from the bellows will coax some tendrils of smoke.

Distant stares to far-away mountain peaks aren’t the same as actually scaling the heights – every move requires preparation, resolution and following through. Even if the grass does appear greener, yearning adults should not balance on the middle rung of the ladder – either move up or move down.

Realities tangled and stomachs tied tight?  Consider all the what-ifs, get some counselling, step back and re-think plunging into the unknown. Hopefully, when at the precipice, the rope will not unravel or break.  If you’ve “tied the knot” and are still legally bound it’s essential to appreciate that some string games are not trivial.

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