Friday, March 22, 2013

Asleep At The Switch...

Some REALTORS® who have been in business for a significant length of time may still have the eagerness and enthusiasm to proceed with a spring in their step and sparkle in their eye! A longstanding reputation of excellence and expertise is an asset that every salesperson should aspire to if they’re in for the long haul.

Continuing education requirements are mandatory to keep everyone in step with changes in industry practices and legislation. Some REALTORS® attend courses out of necessity, often sitting as close to the back of the room as possible, fidgeting with hand-held devices or playing online games! It is only out of obligation that they are there while others regularly appear with a zest for learning and to amass both know-how and awareness. They willingly participate in discussion and share experiences for the benefit of their colleagues.

The “old way” is not always the best way – consumers are entitled to professional service that leaves them more than satisfied. Bringing a buyer and seller together and facilitating the completion of a transaction requires both ability and agility – including Buyer or Seller representation to the Client and diligent attention to detail.

When you search for a REALTOR® to act on your behalf, employ your observation skills as well as recognizing that gut feeling. A well-organized, cheerful and proactive professional who’s tuned in to you will probably outperform someone asleep at the switch.

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