Thursday, March 7, 2013

Diss isn’t It!

In preparation for a skills test many years ago, I attended an evening-studies course for several weeks to hone my familiarity with terminology specific to work as a medical transcriptionist.

Many words used in today’s everyday life are Latin derivatives, sometimes as a prefix or a suffix. A newly-coined expression that is bandied about is the word “diss”… The online “Wiktionary” clarifies the interpretation as being disrespectful – which is clearly the latin prefix dis….(meaning “away from”).

The correlation to me as a REALTOR® is exciting – and enlightening! From a consumer’s point of view, they may have formed a generalized opinion of organized real estate and licensed salespeople based on a previous unhappy experience. The transition from liking their REALTOR® may have become dis-like; trust/distrust; enchanted/disenchanted – and the possibilities continue.

At present there are 5 recognized generations of Canadian consumers, each characterized by the life events that help shaped adult behaviours. These are the Veterans age – born between 1922 and 1945; the Baby Boomers (1946-1965); Generation X (1966-1978); Millenials/Generation Y (1979-1995);  and Newcomers to Canada.

I personally feel that the REALTOR® you contract with to work on your behalf with should be selected based on similarities of thought and action.  Cross-generational relationships can be difficult if there’s not much in common. Being on the same wavelength infuses enthusiasm and eagerness – and everyone should like the person they are doing business with.

A REALTOR’S® reputation depends on your recommendations and referrals –  to diss isn’t It!

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