Thursday, March 14, 2013

Earning a Trophy...

In-house advocates, peer recognition and public recognition each seem to have significant influence on the results which are presented publicly to recipients. Winners brandish their awards with fervor - Oscars, Emmy’s, Grammies, Golden Globe and Others…..
And so it goes that a variety of opinions is integral to weigh performances, accomplishments and recognizing merit of other service provider representatives.
Sometimes an actor or actress will eventually bemoan the fact that the roles they play may be too similar, and that they become known for that character rather than being able to branch out with other skill sets.

In the profession of real estate, many skills, an abundance of knowledge and are required to earn accolades. Practitioners usually toil quietly yet relentlessly to qualify for that yearned-for audition. When the big break comes they are bristling with excitement and try their hardest to perform well. Like an actor or actress, a REALTOR® may also find they regularly attract the same kind of listing again and again, without moving up or out of that “box”.

If you are a high-end Seller or a high-end Buyer and have heard of someone in the area who is regarded with merit, but may be a smaller fish in the big pond of salespeople, might it be an assumption to presume that the biggest fish is better qualified or will “do better”? Smaller fry, as on the stage, can often times play a bigger role with skill and alacrity. An aspiring performer may be close at hand without having yet attained an opportunity to walk down the red carpet.

Oscars, Emmys, Grammies, Golden Globe and Recommendations are all meritorious trophies!

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