Thursday, May 2, 2013

Changing Wallpaper….

Anyone who’s cut, pasted, draped and then skimmed out the air bubbles before stepping back to admire the finished job knows what an effort it can be to accent with either strips or a mural.  Equally demanding is the removing of wallpaper when either styles, furnishings or personal tastes change! Many who have endured and succeeded will attest to it.

Computer-wrought documents can be flavoured with wallpaper backgrounds for creating impact and personal flair. Cell phone users also have choices of wallpapers which come into view when the screen is activated. My first animated wallpaper choice was called Beach…crystal clear water and stretches of sand, gentle animated waves rolling in, shells, starfish and a red bucket and yellow sand scoop!

Yesterday I decided to change the theme, and selected one where blades of grass wave gently under a daytime or night sky. The technology is amazing; but this one came with an unexpected wrench. Wanting to show my husband last evening, I was astonished to see the sun setting noticeably in the background of this “Grass” scenery.

It didn’t feel pretty or restful to me, just sad. My comments though, were enthusiastic. When bedtime came and I turned off my phone, the setting had become deep night, with twinkling stars and ghostly blades of grass.

Feeling certain that I am of sound mind, and coincidentally possessing an abundance of common sense, didn’t alleviate the niggling apprehension that family illness will transcend to become a twinkling star too soon.

I immediately reverted to the beach theme and sunnier thoughts when I decisively changed the wallpaper.

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