Thursday, August 1, 2013

Confidence or Conceit?

In the world of real estate salespeople, as with other professions, individual traits are sometimes consciously subdued or repressed so as to not create an unbecoming impression. For example, one’s voice can be trained to be less strident to a listener, and more evenly modulated.

Many years ago there was a radio announcer in Montreal whose voice was widely recognized,in person however his appearance didn’t match the resonance and depth we heard over the airwaves; so the first aural impression superseded the visual actuality.

Well-established salespeople seem to eventually present themselves with more cockiness than in beginning years. They strut their stuff and – but may also be recognized as much for the perceived arrogance as their competence.
In fashion, women who hang on too tightly to younger styles in an effort to not look their age can be either admired or gently scorned, This occurs as well with gentlemen in their mid-life crisis who gasp in too-tight jeans and burn rubber at the stoplight in sporty/fast convertibles.

I noticed a big flashy pickup truck today in Bracebridge with several slogans painted on it. Nothing subtle either. One of them read “If I wanted a Hummer™ I’d call your sister”.. Hopefully it was a joke – the take-away though was a question of whether the owner was overdosed in confidence or conceit!

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