Thursday, August 15, 2013

Much Ado...

Trafalgar Castle
Trafalgar Castle

As a P.A.N.K. (Professional Aunt No Kids) I’m over the moon about forthcoming nuptials of Niece # 2 of 4. Coincidentally being celebrated on her maternal grandmother’s birthday, the various stages of planning and pre-scheduled completion dates are well in hand.

Engagement pictures in a beautiful setting; bridal shower with e-reply options; glorious and very personal wedding invitations with wax-seal on the envelope of Groom’s surname initial – it’s all the glitter and we’re a-twitter!

Princess of Cambridge and new mom Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William was termed the wedding of the century – for our family this is, thus far, the premier event.

The dress is fit for a queen, in fact the bride-to-be is affectionately thought of as a Queen Bee. Ruffles, bustles, a train and décolleté will undoubtedly make the groom swoon. A multitude of nose tissues will be flourished to dab at damp cheeks and ladies will blink quickly in hopes their eye makeup doesn’t smudge as we snuffle.

We’ve never seen such pomp and circumstance – reminiscing recently of more simple events with a ceremony at home, a hand-picked bouquet from the garden, pretty bridal attire that can be worn on other future occasions, and a smaller budget occasion.

The venue for the upcoming occasion is equally astonishing – a commoner’s castle with turrets and the appearance of a trumpeter would not be any surprise!

Everyone’s agog with Much Ado.

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