Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trimming Your Nose Hairs….


Coincident to the subject, I’ve remembered a clever cartoon depicting a wife who was peering up at her taller husband and double-checking to confirm his nose hairs were not obvious. Being short, she was qualified to be the best judge!

One of the joys of being a REALTOR® is meeting and interacting with many people of all ages, sizes, and cultures. International travellers, especially businesspeople, are trained to become familiar with different customs of countries they visit – diplomatic affairs can be influence by one misplaced faux pas.

Most Canadians pride themselves on being polite world citizens, and our renowned civility is widely admired. Door-to-door canvassers mightn’t attest to that on occasion though! The “golden rule” of doing unto others seems to hold fast, except in two instances:  new-found wealth or old-wealth and simply no class.

A colleague reported back to me recently on the results of him showing one of my listings to prospective buyers. Oddly, the best part of the outing, for him, was the fact the fellow bottomed out on a rough road in his expensive car! Now this does not strike me as feeling particularly funny, there must have been extenuating circumstances that prompted such a remark…

Whether in the grocery store line up or other circumstances, when peering from under one’s eyebrows at a seemingly lesser being, anyone with a case of the “high and mighties” should remember not to stand too close.  

The unfortunate victim of your haughty demeanor may not treasure the memory of being forced to look upward and identifying that today’s first exercise should have been trimming your nose hairs.

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