Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Fair Fever…

Fall fair in Muskoka ON

This weekend is the much anticipated Agricultural event. Small towns, villages and hamlets all schedule specific dates to showcase home crafts, farm animals and fowl, heavy-horse and tractor pulls and toe-tapping old tyme music!

Concessions food booths offer a myriad of yummy delights – from cotton candy to burgers, fries and pogo sticks. Outerwear can range from layers one can peel off or rain wear that can be held in reserve and donned as needed. Kiddies line up with glee as they wait their turn for the rides – it’s heart warming to see families for whom this is truly a special occasion and a treat.

Horse trailers and cattle trucks lurch across uneven fields to find designated parking areas; crates of squawking/squalling or screeching pets are bumped along and settled in covered display barns and sheds for everyone to observe.

Would be “hayseeds” stumble along in long-toed boots and tight jeans, trying to look nonchalant while reaching for a tissue to catch an allergic sneeze! If you’ve ever been to the Royal Winter Fair barns in Toronto you’ll remember that the air can actually be thick with dust, dander and farm smells.

This year’s events represent the 146th annual Fall Fair and Horse Show. Agricultural Society Members toil tirelessly from the day-after until opening day the following year.
Wherever you may live, do try and get out to visit a Fall Fair near you. The experiences for youngsters and parents alike are enjoyable, educational and inspirational.

Catch the Fall Fair Fever!

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