Thursday, September 5, 2013

Please be seated….

I had occasion recently to wonder what a traditional gift choice might be to celebrate an 18th wedding anniversary. Silver and gold are too far off and it’s unlikely either will be achieved due to time constraints!

A helpful website had all-inclusive information, to my dismay though – the traditional gift for this year’s event is listed as Feathers, and more recently Porcelain, or Cat’s Eye Jewelry. I’m wishing it was another year we’re celebrating!

As I understand it, the phobia name for Fear of Feathers is called pteronophobia.
For me, the uncertainty is whether it is wings, feathers or the beating of wings that throws me for a loop.

My Mother tells of a childhood incident around age three where I stood agape at a chain-linked fence which enclosed pheasants. My grandfather raised them for both for meat and ladies’ hat adornments. Talons grabbing the fence, an agitated bird was beating its wings and loudly squawking. Mother dashed out of the house and plucked me away.
I have every intention of whispering in a certain someone’s ear beforehand – lest his chivalrous presentation cause me to swoon not with pleasure or femininity!
I’d love to survive till Year 19 – when a chili pepper is noted as the traditional choice of commemorative gift. A porcelain gravy boat or cat’s eye marble would be truly preferable!

It will indeed feel worrisome if my husband, with prettily wrapped remembrance in hand, utters “please, be seated”.

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