Thursday, October 3, 2013


Funny how similar traits often are passed down through family generations. Mannerisms, appearance and mode of dress are often easily identifiable – college students returning home for a visit after a long absence may hear over and over again that “you look just like your Dad/Mom” or “I knew it was you before I even laid eyes on you, same voice as your Pa’s”.

Sisters may have close ties and mutual traits and interests, or little in common.
Likewise of course with brothers. In my family, Mother and both daughters have a shared interest in footwear; as does one niece! My sister is a fashionista with a stunning flair for putting “the look” together. She sometimes chides me not to be too matchy matchy with handbag and shoes, or accessories. And only one animal print at a time! We can never have too many pairs of shoes and nothing more tantalizing than eyeing up stunning footwear in the store window at a big mall!

Nearly two years ago, when visiting Toronto at the same time the The International Film Festival was in full swing, we zealously pounded the pavement and included a visit to the Bata Shoe Museum. With tired tootsies we had several purchases to gloat over!

With appropriate occasions few and far between for one luscious pair of life-threatening ohh-lah-lah sandals, I had an opportunity to wear them just this past week. Unbelievably coincidental, a doctor friend was exiting behind me, and he was appalled! “Good god woman, what have you got on your feet? You’ll break your *!XO!* leg wearing those ridiculous things.”

I was too busy concentrating on the uneven sidewalk to reply. My focus was, to be succinct, Stilted/Measured and Careful steps.

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