Saturday, October 12, 2013

It don’t mean a thing……

As clothing styles change and change again from season to season, I’ve heard it said that if we keep a specific item long enough it will eventually come back into fashion! There may be slight differences in buttons, pocket flaps, cuffs or not – but essentially the similarities are close.

Business attire included “dress down” days on Fridays, when employees could appear for work dressed more casually but still professional. Some observers feel that standards of dress went downhill from there, and indeed Premier Kathleen Wynne here in Ontario recently gave notice that anyone working at the provinces capitol buildings (Queen’s Park) would have to dress with respect to the institution and all it represents. In short, no tees/tanks/short shorts, plunging necklines or high-thigh length skirts, flip flops, sneakers, toe rings or the like!

In my profession as a REALTOR® it is seldom that I wear anything but dress pants to the office. When one least expects it there may be occasion to walk an acreage, climb a fence, ladder or tree, or peak into an attic space – and a skirt or dress simply will not do!

Discerning whether clothing items are appropriate for the occasion is sometimes a struggle – the essential little black dress can always be toned down or glitzed up for example. Maybe a tailored jacket over a sleeveless dress or loafers that can be left under the desk and heels instead offer a smooth segue to dinner.

It’s a treat to
walk feminine, talk feminine, smile and be gay feminine (as the lyrics go from Disney’s 1963 film entitled Summer Magic).  Pencil skirts, sleek boots, printed hosiery or tights can suit many occasions, but for me “it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”!

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