Saturday, October 19, 2013

Peasant under Glass...

A well-to-do couple from out of town want to make their annual visit – meet for lunch and catch up on whatever news before winter sets foot.

The gentleman is retired from a long and profitable career in the manufacturing sector; his lovely wife has been a perfect social complement over the years and enhanced his role and popularity. Both have a delightful sense of humour , are impeccable host/hostess at home, and offer pleasant company.
While they don’t particularly flaunt their fat wallet, their lifestyle is by design - more robust and no scrimping. 

When it comes to dining out, the invitation is for presence only, not as a guest. A favourite destination here is a dining room overlooking the water where the food is good and atmosphere relaxed. Next week’s get together will be predictably enjoyable – not highbrow or haughty. One of the ladies attending is a favoured guest – the rest of us fill in with easy conversation and occupy seats; ordering simple fare respectful of our budget constraints - and picking up our own cheque.

The favoured guest is cognizant of the pecuniary concerns; we don’t however want to peep audibly, preferring to remain discreet. The food is excellent and prices reasonable. There are several menu selections to choose from – one of which is “Peasant Under Glass”.

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