Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Steady Hand On The Tiller...


Global, national, provincial and local news concerning unemployment statistics is more than troubling. While politicians address pressing issues, far from the home site, people of all ages are struggling to find work.

Once acquired, it takes commitment, including attention to detail, to keep that precious source of income. However unfulfilling the paycheque may feel, at least there is one.

In my own municipality I know of several middle-aged people who are working two part-time jobs and taking casual shifts with a third employer just to make ends meet. Their lifestyle is anything but frivolous. Capable able-bodied people are grateful if consideration is given to them during the interview process and fretfulness grows as days pass without even a callback.

My own mother has commented with satisfaction that both my sister, brother and I all have an excellent work ethic. She led by example and no slackers among us. The stress impact of starting new employment rates high in studies and graphs – a normally contented tummy may knot with apprehension and tension headaches love to linger when we need every cell to focus on the task at hand.

In order to make their work an ongoing achievement, everyone requires a steady hand on the tiller.

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