Thursday, November 7, 2013

Betwixt and Between…

Life’s road presents a myriad of choices, from babyhood to past our “best before” date!

We learn early which choices in behavior are good or not. Rewards such as sweet candy are more tangible to a toddler though than a hug or cheer!

Classroom etiquette is clearly identifiable – mischief is often held back till recess when hopefully perpetrators escape the eagle eye of the yard monitor. Sometimes the school bus driver has uproar and upheaval to manage – even so far as adolescents mooning, or worse, in the back seat!

Teenage years are fraught with inconsistencies as we try to find our way – Mom and Dad often shake their heads in consternation as we stumble into adulthood.
And so it goes.

Post-secondary education represented a ticket to success – just “plan your work and work your plan”! Sounded like a piece of cake, except there are usually too many slices to consider; and it’s regrettable if we make the wrong choice. Anguish and despair from funding sources such as Mom and Dad or Grandma/Grandpa or other family members. Remorsefulness and feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem on the part of the errant student, and the weightiness of debt when loans need to be repaid. Unemployment is rampant, adding to the burden.

As we journey along, the pathway can feel uneven and narrow. We can stumble and even lose our way from time to time. The old analogy of light at the end of the tunnel can be viewed two ways – is it a train barreling toward us or actually the end of our troubles in sight?

Peering too hard into the future with intensity can produce eyestrain!
This past weekend I struggled with a list of Pros and Cons to a reach decision that was hanging heavily. Sighs of fretfulness – betwixt and between…
The sun shone though on Thanksgiving Day - and “I can see clearly now – the rain is gone”. 

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