Saturday, November 30, 2013

Looking Good….

A lady co-worker the other day was dreamily humming the soundtrack theme from the movie Sleepless in Seattle.  It’s a favourite movie of many, possibly because the romantic aspects satisfy either a craving or nostalgic whiff of once was.

It’s unsettling when our paths cross unexpectedly with someone we haven’t seen for a long while – perhaps a classmate or other adult acquaintance. Our impression may be that the person appears burdened and consequently may have lost or gained weight, lost their “zip”, and their persona is dimmed. Conversely, the person may have a really positive aura that exudes energy, enthusiasm and overall zest.

Anyone who arises after a fretful night of tossing/turning or otherwise affected sleep knows how difficult it is to put on our game face and step out with a spring in our step. Interrupted sleep or no sleep whatsoever is totally debilitating. Overwrought Moms and Dads may be functioning on auto-pilot; caregivers may be light sleepers with their ear cocked for a rustle of bedclothes or other indicators. Financial, marital, bereavement or work-related stressors are other recognizable impacts. If you Google™ the Holmes-Rafe Life Stressors Inventory you can score yourself - which might be either unnerving or comforting!

It’s essential, however difficult, that we each keep at top of mind the inevitability that “this too shall pass”. Some people appear to be able to carry their rucksack of troubles with grace and aplomb, perhaps setting an admirable example to observers. Nobody is truly alone in their toil and if we can offload even a few factors affecting us the result will be lighter, brighter and fresher.

Looking good!

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