Thursday, March 15, 2012

Being a Calendar Girl...

Both ladies and gentlemen with long memories may recall the pin-up posters of yesteryear which featured luscious starlets with smokey eyes, robust looking kitten sweaters, never-ending legs or hair to get lost in.

More recently, the Chippendale poster boys, attractive everyday women posing discreetly in support of cancer fundraising, and Grannies just for the heck of it!
Calendars are posted everywhere from in the barn to bathroom doors to telephone tables and even magnetized for the fridge – where everyone’s schedule is printed in wipe-off marker and regularly updated.

Pre-schoolers are on a schedule too – seems like the never-ending  hamster-on-a-wheel that propels us throughout each age and stage of our lives. Sometimes I want that carousel to stop, for even a moment, so I can catch my breath!

When we print or write an appointment onto our calendar, or perhaps post it to our phone, desktop or notebook, it’s a reminder of commitments we agreed to.
Sometimes, out of necessity, appointments are rescheduled – but there remains still the intention to participate and fulfill the pledge. Sticky-notes may even be found on bathroom mirrors or the backside of an exterior doorway just so we don’t forget to do what we’ve said we will!

One of the easiest ways to find ourselves in a corner is when we over-commit.
While our intentions may be immaculate, hours of work are not always adequate to meet the deadlines we’ve set.

Whether a calendar Girl or Boy, expectations that are not met without explanation only serve as a disappointment to whomever had your “Due” date on their calendar. Better to keep people abreast with a progress report when you know you can’t complete on time - rather than leave a participant dangling, or worse, stranded.  Your consideration will serve you well , after all, everyone’s calendar is crammed with intention!

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