Friday, March 9, 2012

Buying a bed...

I recently had one too many narrow escapes by scarcely avoiding a very pointed elbow in my eye….and being as the temple is situated close by….time for more space!
The television commercials make it look so easy – couples lolling about without apparent self-consciousness, atop store displays of sleepsets. It hardly seems seeming behavior to “try out” a boxspring and mattress, even fully clothed it somehow feels very personal, especially under the eager eye of a salesperson who may well be imagining too much!

The last time a new bed came into our home it was very nearly a favour to a client who was moving out of her house and had no room at the new digs With scarcely a dent in the pillow top and tags still attached, a delivery man and I wrestled it into the back of his pickup the very morning the transaction was to be completed.
And our own sleepset went into the basement bedroom – perfect!

Even five years ago I remember that new-to-us boxspring and mattress being considerably higher off the floor than earlier years’ models. The dog had to try at least twice to make the leap, to say nothing of myself who very nearly needed a stepstool!   The set that was purchased just last week was delivered tonight –  the anticipation of more individual sleepspace was tangible, and so was the thud when our small dog had to take a couple of practice runs at this new addition.

Suffice it to say that, not unlike shopping for a REALTOR® who represents a satisfying and pleasant “fit”, that the ultimate client satisfaction is when one relaxes enough to sigh with contentment. Everyone has a different level of comfort  -  and both prospective Buyer clients and the selected REALTOR® should try it out for a day and see if the selection is mutually pleasing.

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