Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Light In The Window...

Everyone who’s been out after dark and wends their weary way home has traditionally been cheered, even from afar, by a light in the window beckoning.
In days of yore, more often a candle – but nonetheless a beacon.

Front porch lights are a thoughtful gesture when flicked on before retiring, especially in a rural area when someone may be in need of help. I was thinking of this recently when my youngest niece recounted a hair-raising tale of a nighttime walk from New Liskeard to Haileybury…stranded when her ride left unexpectedly.

Every snap of a branch or unfamiliar murmur of “something” out there gave her goosebumps galore and when she and her girlfriend arrived at their apartment they simply fell onto their beds with exhaustion!
I admonished her gently, suggesting they should have knocked on someone’s door….

Driving back to Muskoka from a weekend visit to the Tri-Town communities known as Temiskaming Shores, I gasped with incredulity when I saw a unique fixture mounted next to the front door.
Not immediately recognizable as a light in the window, or even near the window, it was a stuffed bear head! And that was hair-raising!

When in the dark, personally or professionally, tread lightly!!

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