Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dark, dank and dripping...

The name which my four nieces use for me is “Auntie Lou” –this past weekend caused me to ponder a revision to become “Auntie Move”…A wearying and strenuous effort to assist as best I could with the relocation of my youngest niece from one apartment to a new one just a block away!

After travelling several hours with my brother to a small northern city, we arrived after dark in inclement weather. It was immediate that my niece’s reasons for moving were well-founded – the apartment where she had been living was a basement cave. 

There had also been two floods from the upstairs apartment – and the overflows were not dishwater. ‘Nuff said about that one..And lastly, as the rain continued to pelt down, inside windowsills overflowed and the exterior walls were slick with wet, seeping onto the already-reeking carpet.

Parents who search out Accommodation to Rent for students are often at a disadvantage from the get-go. Unfamiliar with the proximity to whichever school, college or university can result in a trek that’s simply too far. Arriving on site with a truck full of dreams can turn into a nightmare of despair – with no alternatives.

With nobody to stand up for their human rights, students away from home often have to endure dark, dank and dripping rentals with the most unholy of neighbours, fouled surroundings and an overwhelming sense of despair. Boarding kennels can sometimes feel closer to heaven!

Talk about taking advantage of unsuspecting and unprepared tenants – slum landlords have no excuses! If you hear a sensible young person complaining about their living conditions while at school, check out their story – it may be that they too are living in a dark, dank and dripping rental!

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