Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Your name's on it"...

On a recent jaunt to beautiful Manitoulin Island, it was a coincidence to see a vehicle with company logo and contact info parked in the next space to mine at the motel where my friend and I had reserved. It would be usual for me to introduce myself as hailing from Bracebridge too, but the driver and occupants were elsewhere at that moment.
After our dinner, we climbed to the second floor and found that the lounge chair outside our front door was occupied by an already-impaired lout, who scarcely moved his feet to allow us entry to our room. Two younger fellows, presumably travelling with this person, had also commandeered an extra chair so the three were in a cluster on the verandah.

The volume of conversation increased as the evening turned to night – and I was glad my friend had removed her hearing aid devices…the profanities, vulgarities and truly shocking inferences that percolated the man’s speech were appalling.
However, amongst the grandstanding, it became clear that this particular person was the job supervisor,  he knew his work, and was passing along his experiences to the younger men. Included in his sermonizing was an urging that they take pride in their workmanship and be accountable – because “your name’s on it”.

By 1:30 a.m., with the security-chain in place, I opened the door just a smidge and very politely greeted the group with a “Hey fellas, would you keep the noise down please. It’s late…”. The two young men were relatively sensible, and in fact had spoken in low tones from the start – but the boss man was more drunk than anyone I’d ever seen; and a slurred apology which held no merit was spewed forth.

In the morning they were stumbling and bumbling down the metal stairs – and off to a head-pounding nail-driving day in the sun. I was muttering still – but did remember to write down the company contact information and identifier from the side of their van. Guess the bozo forgot that “your name’s on it” and I’ve got it……

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