Thursday, August 23, 2012

Night lines...

Anglers know that in many locales the setting out of a night line to catch fish is not a legal practice.  Not only might the snagged fish be a protected species, it could also be an unwanted catch.

Now that Summer’s come and the Season is open for reeling ‘em in; a variety of baits are also set out by fisher persons to attract non-aquatic “catches”.
I recently viewed a movie titled “Must Love Dogs, which was produced when the first trends of internet dating websites were a phenomenon. 
Single ladies in two women's groups I sip ‘n sup with occasionally have subscriptions to a site known as “Plenty of Fish” – and indeed two catches/matches have progressed into seemingly established relationships.

Sitting on a friend’s back deck  a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a bright yellow rope tied at the top of a slope and looped around tree trunks in a fairly straight taut line to the bottom of the hill where Visitor parking spaces exist. For discretionary purposes it seems that this “night line” indeed is the angler’s dream. Not only does the Angel come regularly to the location, she also reefs her way up the steep bank and rappels down when dawn breaks.

Not snagged or an unwanted catch by any means, this mermaid is hooked on a night line!

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