Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nifty Glasses At Michael's Bay

On my three day Manitoulin adventure my friend and I pored through several tourist directories as the Chi-Cheemaun ferry carried us smoothly from the Tobermory Terminal to South Baymouth where vehicles stream off the ship with obvious enthusiasim.

Our first stop was at Watson’s General Store in Sandfield, then we backtracked a little and turned off Government Road onto Michael’s Bay Road. Aiming south, the Sheepish Grin signs were both amusing and easy to follow.

We drove right to the studio – which is tucked cleverly away from the main house. Scott greeted us with a big smile – he was doing some raking and immediately unlocked the Studio so we could enter. Two Wheaten terriers are members of the family too. Diane Cruttenden was on hand immediately - what a pretty and talented woman -  with bright sparkly eyes and very nifty glasses!   Like other artisans, she and Scott transplanted themselves from elsewhere onto Manitoulin Island – a leap of faith for most!

The studio has a wide variety of knitting, weaving and spinning supplies – but for me the most breathtaking were Diane’s bead creations. If you visit their website at you’ll quickly realize  why this is an amazing “must-see” when you’re visiting Manitoulin Island!

I did come away with a handmade fiber brooch for a friend -  produced at this nifty studio by the pretty lady with the nifty glasses!

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