Thursday, August 2, 2012

Air Mail Delivery...

I’m familiar with the tune lyrics from the song “Pennies from Heaven” but never thought about other possible deliveries by air, specifically for me!

Tonight, without forewarning,  a special package arrived as I was on my back deck, barbecuing. From the balcony above, suspended by a rope, there suddenly appeared a worn-looking canvas bag  - therein contained a bottle of red Zinfandel  wine – namely, Cline™.

A carrier pigeon could not have borne the weight, a St. Bernard would not have fouled its around-the-neck barrel with such a seemingly inferior life-saver, nonetheless, I was really tickled with the creativity of said delivery!

The most obvious and simplistic solution to alleviate descending and re-ascending two flights of stairs was circumvented with a creative solution – the wine arrived in style and a good laugh was shared!

P.S. The ginger-marinated chicken was yummy!!

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