Friday, October 12, 2012

Enterprising Women...

I recently received an online invitation to register for a professional business event which would include up to 50 area women for dinner and a seminar.
The YWCA-Muskoka is a forward-thinking and totally committed advocacy group which supports and encourages women entrepreneurs with educational opportunities, and regularly scheduled programmes on pertinent subject matter for women who are at specific levels of personal or business development.

The two distinguished Presenters from Rotman School of Business (associated with the University of Toronto) sounded exciting, and I registered promptly. My sense of anticipation was fulfilled – the ladies were excellent and enthusiastic – as was the audience.

The only tinge of disappointment, and it was slight, was that my business income does not yet qualify me to participate in the School of Business courses which are available. It would have been terrific to have a group of Muskoka participants – even if we could have met in a selected location and tele-conferenced or joined in a webinar.

The experience which the presenters acquired and developed into presentation form was inspiring – I wish I was the “American Express income” league and could qualify for further participation sooner than later.

Thanks to Susan Lovell for including so many of us on her mailing list – keep ‘em coming!

Indeed, the numbers in Muskoka are significant and truly promising when we think of Enterprising Women.

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