Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tiffany Turquoise….

In late Fall I had the pleasure of representing a colleague who was vacationing away – Buyer clients were in the process of finalizing a purchase and needed someone on hand to wrap things up.

The transaction was completed with just a little hump or two, and the buyers’ excitement was palpable. Hubby had his own vision of the finished renovations – including a light grey-washed “beachy” feel in the Great Room – which – incidentally, combo-ed with the open concept kitchen.

During the three or four visits with contractors, and the buyers discussing plans for work, there was a bantering back and forth between husband and wife about accessories. He wanted no part of pillows plumped on the couch or other such niceties – nothing frivolous or silly. Simple, distinctive, and classy.

The lady on the other hand was caught up in the thrill of the chase – such fun to shop on her out of town business trips when the long day was done and she thought fondly of “home”.

On one occasion when husband Don flew to meet his Princess for a weekend away, he came upon inspiration in a glossy airline catalogue on board. As they strolled 5th Avenue in New York city, he stopped in front of the famous Tiffany’s – and confirmed that the turquoise brand colour was his choice for accessorizing.

I’ve been invited to drop by and see the completed work this weekend – it will undoubtedly be stunning and I feel the same anticipation felt on the few occasions I received a gift box, however small, coloured Tiffany turquoise.

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