Thursday, October 18, 2012

Raising Rabbits

During the years after the great Depression of the North American economy, my maternal grandparents moved from Regina, Saskatchewan to the Eastern Townships of Quebec. My Gramma had missed being closer in proximity to her sisters, and it had been a longtime coming!

One of the ways my Gramma brought income to the home was raising rabbits – two varieties and both for different markets. The Belgian hares were for eating – large and meaty. The Angoras were for furriers in Montreal to buy and create jackets, stoles and other wraps and trims.

I myself have a fondness for rabbits, and my small collectibles have been acquired as gifts over the years. They are discreet, in various poses, and valued from very little to slightly significant in dollars. There’s a consistency that runs through whatever theme a person is drawn to – whether it be elephants, dolls, silver spoons, teacups,  golf hats or fishing lures, to name just a few.

Last week my “joy-trip” friend added a new member to the bunny collection – a small representation made by the famous Swarkovski manufacturers.
This fellow is the tiniest of all in size, but represents a huge affection that’s been long-term and unbroken. He is golden in colour and facets sparkle, even through the glass case.  I feel like he is more powerful in feel than  any of the others – the proverbial “small but mighty”.

I’m glad my rabbits don’t reproduce and crowd out their space with diminished appeal – just 8 in the collection – each one symbolizing a special friendship. It’s a pleasure to be raising rabbits!

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