Thursday, November 15, 2012

Looking Brash and Flashy...

On a recent weekend foray out of my Muskoka area, I was looking forward to seeing a close girlfriend at a family rendezvous. It had been awhile and one of the greatest pleasures is to have a stroll, a “girl-talk” and generally vent our frustrations into the air.

Both of us know better than most that each other is each carrying a heavier-than-usual weight of concerns on our back; but realizing  that complaining accomplishes naught, we’ve soldiered on with the best of intentions.

This particular friend I hold near and dear to my heart – she’s a proven thoroughbred in her chosen profession and races with heart and determination. Always dressed to the nines and truly chic…she is a real head-turner for admiring women and salivating men! Not brash, not flashy – just radiating confidence!

A sense of anticipation flickered as the roads melted by;  rather than resignation that has felt too prevalent lately. Feeling a trifle worn with concerns, I knew that as soon as we laid eyes on each other it would all feel brighter and a few laughs would be such fun!

Over the years I have acquired a certain sense of tact – and generally avoid foot in mouth occasions – so imagine my horror when, at first glimpse of my friend – I reacted badly - exclaiming “Oh my goodness, you look like I feel!”…

 A long hug, teary eyes and crooked grins could not dispel the bald truth, when we feel overburdened and unable to transfer our load of trouble for even a short time, the effects are guaranteed to render anyone not looking brash and flashy!

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