Thursday, November 1, 2012

When Tears the office

Overhearing someone’s boo-hoos can be truly disconcerting – whether to approach with a tissue box in hand or remain discreet and wait is a difficult choice.

If one has been included in the ongoing events that might have lead up to the sobs it could be wiser to just sit tight and wait for the person to come to you; but possibly not.

If there’s trouble on the homefront sometimes the privacy of one’s own office is the perfect retreat where one can just let it all go. Better there than while driving or grocery shopping!

Conflicts with colleagues can also bring tears to one’s eyes –  while some people prefer to weep alone in frustration others may want a hug or other comforting expressions of care.

Illness, accident, death/dying or other serious issues are tiring to cope with and feel harder to carry on one’s back the longer the time frame. In frustration or loss, we must remember that words uttered by the person who is suffering are not always their usual form of expression – we must not bark back or otherwise show our teeth, for it is then that our own tears may flow…at the office.

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