Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winkin', Blinkin' and Batting...

Women of the western world and some parts of Europe are beset with television and glossy-mags advertising which promote youthfulness and anti-aging cosmetics. It matters not our occupation – whether businesswoman or not – the message is intended for all women.

Several months ago I had the distinct pleasure of being introduced to a truly accomplished high-flying business woman – a Team Leader in her own right, published author and well-respected in her field of commercial real estate.

On the several occasions we met, I marveled at how she multi-tasked with her phone and  laptop-style of computer; with vivacious flair, while addressing architectural choices and contractor interviews to proceed with a specific project already in-hand.
Cosmetics perfectly applied, jewellery tasteful, attire stylish but not over-the-top – everything about this lady was to be admired -  sculpted brows, hairstyle and hue included! Eye contact in all social, personal and business occasions is essential – but I gotta say – her eyelashes were the most exquisite and memorable!

Looking as fresh as a petal whilst maintaining a harrowing schedule is challenging indeed – for some a nightly ritual of makeup remover pads, cleansing/toning and final application of night-cream is a routine, and indeed is essential even if basic….
 Some evenings the weary face that peers back from the mirror hardly resembles the look of my youth – if I’m winkin’/blinkin’ and batting it’s only because there’s something in my eye!

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