Thursday, November 22, 2012

Which One Is Pesky, Which One's a Pest...

Within the past three weeks I had occasion to ask my family physician for a referral to a specialist. He would be more than happy to oblige I was quite sure; especially being that I am not a pesky patient!

In my business as a REALTOR® I know clearly the importance of following up with clients – especially by telephone, and  timing can be a sensitive issue.

Just by coincidence, because I wasn’t clear whether the specialists’ office would call me with the appointment or whether my own doctor’s office would call, I thought a follow up enquiry might be in order.  Turns out that the “bee sting man” had apparently not received the request…and their office was already booked for this entire month!

It’s a certainty that our health care system is overwhelmed, and my own small issue is not of paramount concern – after all – the probability of getting stung by another bee in the midst of a cool autumn seems unlikely. My quest to resolve which bee is a pesk makes me query now if I should have followed up sooner?

Nonetheless, my brain is buzzing! Nearly everywhere I look there are bees seeking shelter for the coming Winter months, and my timing brought stinging results.
I could’ve and I should’ve but I didn’t.

Which one is pesky, which one’s a pest?

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