Thursday, May 30, 2013

A to Zoo…

Ever come across such an astonishing collection of teacups, figurines, model airplanes or cars, shoes, etc. that is just makes you shake your head? Many people accumulate favourite theme pieces which hold special appeal, sometimes sentimental, sometimes just because they like them.

After a Spring purge of my closet clutter, which was too long overdue, I realized that too many pieces of clothing resembled animal motifs, as well as a pair of leopard-print cocktail boots, but thankfully no handbags. That would have been just too-too!

Having accomplished that huge task, I set myself to the assortment of costume jewellery – sorting through sets that match - and a few bracelets thrown into the mix. Horror of horrors, a panther-head bracelet – bling and glitter galore!  And a leopard-look necklace and earrings set from Ooh-La-La boutique.

It seems peculiar, even to me, that I should have such an assortment of jungle wear – cheetah palazzo pants included. Grrr- even an animal print satin robe and gown; and unmentionables seen only by the wearer! Many of these wild possessions have been relocated to a valise for a future holiday extravaganza, out of sight but not out of mind!

My Mother always admonished me to never use a safety pin to secure a skirt hem or button, and always wear acceptable and clean underwear in case I am ever in a mishap and have to be rescued!  Looks can be deceiving I know, it makes me purr to think of the paramedics’ reactions even though I know they are quite used to encountering everything from A to Zoo. 

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