Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sing Out...

Identifiable periods in everyone’s life can sometimes be tagged with a specific piece of music that seemed fitting at the time. Melodies of yore were easy to follow and hum along to; and lyricists have the savvy to wordsmith the emotion that makes the composition memorable.

Adults who were raised in a home where music was in the air often carry that same habit into their own environment – and it matters not what the style or tastes are! My husband’s daughter was the first woman I ever heard who lulled her baby to sleep with rock music – it never occurred to me that punctuated fast rhythms and repetition of words would work!

My favourite Auntie, now singing in the angel choir, had a sweetly trilling voice I can still hear if I close my eyes.My Mother had a terrific voice and sang as she did housework or other tasks. I never knew until a few years ago that she had dreamed of being a “band singer” when she was a young girl!  Many of us aspire to be songbirds – in the shower or maybe the car. When we raise our voice in song it can make our spirits soar as well.

One of the most thrilling performances I have viewed on the PBS channel is The Tenors’ 2013 “Lead with Your Heart”.  A more lovely melding of harmony and marvelous stylings is hard to imagine. Even though I can just carry a tune and croak in a very breathy manner that has little merit, their music makes me want to Sing Out!

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