Thursday, June 20, 2013

Diggin in...

The time frames between youth, middle age, the “zoomer” years and the golden years can easily be identified by changing viewpoints as we progress. Some things do hold fast however, and one of those passions is love of nature.

I have often thought I would have been a wonderful farmer, or perhaps a farmer’s partner – in my younger years when I could heave mightier weights and toil almost tirelessly. A love of animals and skills to be self-sufficient felt like two necessary qualifications, even then!

My zeal was not quelled as life cycled along, gardening know how became a focus and included the design and building of a 25-foot waterfall when the number of years notched on my belt exceeded fifty-five. Countless hours of landscaping my in-town property was a labour of love, much to the head scratching of neighbours who didn’t quite share my dream.

Magazine subscriptions or off the rack publications which relate to gardening, nature, decorating and the search for a peaceful environment are always popular!
In late winter, the seed catalogues or bulbs and perennials available by mail order are avidly pored over and items circled in highlighter marker for future reference. Graphing and planning the plot is always fun, and many city dwellers are feeling inclined to abolish green lawns and turn to xeriscaping or other styles that are natural and require less maintenance.

Mother Nature rules when it comes to planting dates. Seedling vegetables may be too fragile until they are toughened up; and if there’s a frost warning announced gardeners scurry to cover their precious window boxes, planters and flowerbeds to save both their investment and the probabilities.

Truckloads and multi-tiered rolling racks of plants are shipped in late April and hordes of eager buyers may be seen in both rain and snow trudging ecstatically around garden centers and other outlets. 

The Victoria Day weekend is the “go” date that signals eager gardeners to start digging in.

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